Hardwood Picket & Feature Paling Fences

All the horizontal elements in the construction of a feature fence. i.e, the rails, plinth and capping, are kiln dried. This ensures, unlike unseasoned timber, that the frame will not bow or warp given the extremes of weather. All fixtures are galvanised.

Feature Posts – 125mm x 125mm straight grained, free from knots, planed all around, post top and routing of your choice, stop chamfers on the front face of posts to accommodate rails.

Pickets – Knot free, high durability classification hardwood with pencil round edges and tight grained stability. All pickets come in a wide variety of profiles and range in length from 0.9 metres to 1.8 metres.

Decking Fences – Decking type fences seem to be becoming a lot more popular at the moment and certainly can add a modern appearance to any home.

We use 65x65mm galvanised steel post set every 1200mm in concrete. A 30x30mm galvanised dropper is used between each post to provide fixing every 600mm. We normally use galvanised tek screws to fix decking to posts, they have a very heavy durable galvanised coating. Stainless and galvanised countersunk screws also available.

Domestic Paling Fences – Quality installation of treated pine paling fences.

Standard paling fences come in four heights 1.65m (5ft4) , 1.95metres (6ft4) , 2.25metres (7ft4) and 2.55metres (8ft4). Many other heights can be achieved by adding plinths or cutting palings down, so most heights can be accommodated easily. Installed to specifications and with a 12 month guarantee. All nails used are galvanised and all post are set in stabilised earth to a depth of 800mm.

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