Gates & Lattice

Gates – Gates are custom made to suit the fences that we build, or to match existing. We use 30 x 30 mm galvanised steel tubing instead of 25mm and can use other sizes such as 40mm or 50mm for larger frames.

Gate fittings (hinges, drop bolts, pad bolts) are welded to the frame and all welds are painted with a quality “Galmet” paint to prevent rusting. Gate frames come standard with a black ring latch and can be clad with pickets, paling, decking, colour bond etc


Lattice – Lattice is available in various shapes and sizes. The most common used has 40mm holes, in either the horizontal or diagonal design. Excellent for privacy screens, fence feature, gates, shading, deck/subfloor skirting, growing vines, enclosures for undesirable views and more.

Lattice panels inserted between posts are framed by a 75 x 38 rebated surround that stops the lattice sagging or distorting. Cement sheet can be fixed under the lattice to fully enclose it.

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