Blueboard Fences (Cement Sheet)

Rendered blue board cement sheet fence is designed to be a cost effective way to replicate the look of rendered masonry, with savings of up to 60% over the cost of traditional brickwork with concrete foundations.

Blue board fencing can be installed into most areas that have an existing paling fence as a boundary fence, its also perfect for front fences.

Some versions of this type of fence in heights up to 2.7 metres

Blue board cement sheet on one side and palings on the rear, acts as a boundary fence. The neighbour would see an exposed post paling fence, the customer looks at flat blue board.

Blue board cement sheet on both sides and on top, making it completely watertight after rendering. Both sides are flat to give a brick wall appearance.

We install the cement sheet to the specifications of the manufacturer onto a frame that is made specially to accommodate the sheeting.

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